Floor.ie offer a wide selection of Entrance Flooring Systems from many different suppliers and from research it is believed that over 90% of grime that enters a building is carried in on shoe soles and tyres from wheels on trollies etc…. floor.ie believe prevention of floor soiling will enhance your flooring and will cut down on maintenance costs, another key facture is safety, dry or wet soiling on any floor can be hazardous but by installing the right Entrance Matting you will dramatically reduce any potential slips and injury’s.

Primary Barrier Matting can be used for internal or external areas and will reduce dirt & moisture being brought indoors and when combined with Secondary Matting Systems you are ensuring the combat of transferring dirt and moisture onto internal floors.

floor.ie supply and install the following Entrance Barrier Matting Systems:

Primary Barrier Matting:
Gradus Esplanade 800 Matting
Gradus Esplanade Plus Matting
Gradus Esplanade 1500 Matting
Gradus Esplanade 1000 Matting
Gradus Topguard Matting

Gradus Topguard Plain Matting
Gradus Topguard FR Matting
Gradus Tyreguard Matting
Gradus Access Matting
Nuway Tuftigard

Secondary Barrier Matting:
Gradus Boulevard 6000 Matting
Gradus Boulevard 5000HD Matting
Gradus Boulevard 1500 Matting
Milliken Obex
Milliken Forma
Interface Barricade

Interface Foyer
Burmatex Grimebuster
Coir Matting
Forbo Coral
Forbo Nuway
Plus many more…

Please feel free to contact floor.ie at any stage,
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