Floor.ie is a Dublin based, Irish Owned Commercial Flooring Company and with over 30 years’ experience within the Commercial Carpet Industry.

We can offer you a wealth of knowledge along with what type of Carpet Tile Design would be best suited for your needs.

Floor.ie also have some of the best Carpet Tile Installers in Ireland.

There are a lot of very important issues to consider when selecting a New Carpet Tiles,

Class 33-Heavy Commercial Use is what most Architects look for when selecting a Carpet Tile, Solution Dyed Carpet Tile is also very important as this means the dye is in the yarn and not just sprayed on the surface of the Carpet Tiles, it is also important to ensure the Office Carpet Tiles are Heavy Duty Carpet Tiles, The Carpet Tile Adhesive should be a Tackifier Adhesive.

Floor.ie have found that Styccobond F41 by F-Ball is one of the best available and we have used it for Bonding Office Carpet Tiles, School Carpet Tile, Retail Carpet Tiles, Industrial Carpet Tile, Shop Carpet Tile and Department Shop Carpet Tiles.

Shop Carpets are very popular as they are very comfortable to walk on.
Carpet Squares might be the most suited Office Carpet Tiles as they can be easily replaced if they get soiled or stained.

The Carpet Tile Installation is also very important and should be done by Carpet Tile Fitters.

Open Plan Carpet Tile Design is very popular and Comfortable Carpet Tiles or Soft Carpet Tiles can make the space more inviting along with picking the right Carpet Tile Colour. Carpet Tile Acoustics are Important also especially for School Carpet Tiles or for Carpet Tile Office to ensure it reduces noise.

There are a number of Different Acoustic Carpet Tiles available and Floor.ie can also offer different Acoustic Underlays that have excellent Sound Proofing Qualities along with being Anti-Static Carpet Tiles and having natural heat & soundproofing qualities. Floor.ie bring the Carpet Tile Showroom to you we are Carpet Tile Suppliers and work alongside all Major Brands so that we can bring you the best value for money, Carpet Tiles are also ideal for areas such as Colleges, Schools, Universities, Offices, Retail & Leisure Spaces. Floor.ie can offer Carpet Tile Ireland and Carpet Tiles Ireland Nationwide.

Carpet Tiles can be installed over any flat surface whether it is a Classroom Carpet Tiles, Library Carpet, Stairs Carpet Tiles, Office Carpet Tiles, Lobby Carpet Tiles, Corridor Carpet Tiles. Floor.ie work alongside Manufactures of Commercial Carpet Tiles Like Fletco Carpets, Modulyss Carpet Tiles, Interface Carpet Tiles, Amtico Carpet and offer many different collections and designs that offer Classic Carpet Designs and Current Carpet Tile Designs whether it be Hospitality or Leisure Venues. Floor.ie also offer Bespoke Carpet Tile Designs tailored to your specification and work alongside Architects, Designers, Specifiers and end users, We also Supply and fit Pub Carpet Tiles, Bar Carpet Tiles, Restaurant Carpet Tiles, Theatre Carpet Tiles, Casino Carpet Tiles, Sports Club Carpet Tiles, Cruise Ship Carpet Tiles, Church Carpet Tiles, Golf Club Carpet Tiles.

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